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Series Summary

Elven Nations Trilogy

Learn all about the founding of Qualinost and the splitting of the elves into Silvanesti and Qualinesti in this series. Meet Kith-Kanan and his twin brother Sithas, who together determine the fate of elvenkind for generations to come.

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Cover Art Elven Nations Vol 1
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Volume 1


Paul B. Thompson and
Tonya R. Carter

Paperback Published
Feb 1991

Paperback re-release with new cover art
Oct 2004


Silvanos, the august founder of the united elven nation known as Silvanesti, is dead and buried in a crystal tomb. The leadership of the clans and households has fallen to his son, Sithel, who is himself father of twin sons. The princes Sithas and Kith-Kanan represent emerging factions among these elves: Kith-Kanan is the leader of the Wildrunners, a group of elves that stirs tension by forging contacts and trade with the humans of Ergoth; Sithas closely allies himself with the court in the elven capital. The rivalry between kin climaxes with their father's mysterious death.

When Kith-Kanan is vaguely implicated, Sithas, the firstborn twin, in enthroned.

Paul B. Thompson and Tonya R. Carter have collaborated on numerous works, including the best-selling DRAGONLANCE® novels Darkness and Light and Riverwind, the Plainsman, as well as the Arabian adventure Red Sands.


Paperback Published
Aug 1991

Paperback re-release with new cover art Nov 2004

Volume 2

The Kinslayer Wars

Douglas Niles

Cover Art Elven Nations Vol 2
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The leader of the Wildrunners, Kith-Kanan, commits the ultimate heresy and falls in love with a human of intriguing background. His twin brother, the firstborn ruler of all Silvanesti elves, Sithas, declares war on the Ergothians, and Kith-Kanan must choose sides. Noble, he fights alongside his proud race in the terrible Kinslayer Wars. But when the historic Swordsheath Scroll is signed, Kith-Kanan and his followers are forced into a tragic exile.

Douglas Niles, author of the popular Moonshae and Maztica trilogies in the FORGOTTEN REALMS™ fantasy setting, and co-author of the DRAGONLANCE® novel Flint, the King, pens the indispensable second volume in TSR's acclaimed Elven Nations Trilogy.


Cover Art Elven Nations Vol 3
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Volume 3

The Qualinesti

Paul B. Thompson and
Tonya R. Carter

Paperback Published
Nov 1991

Paperback re-release with new cover art
Dec 2004


One of the most fabled stories in all of Krynn's tradition - untold before now - the founding of Qualinost, and the creation of the magnificent society of the renegade elves, the Qualinesti.

Kith-Kanan becomes the first Speaker of the Suns. His reign can claim many triumphs, including a pact with the reclusive dwarves or Thorbardin that results in the great monument of Pax Tharkas. But Kith-Kanan is haunted by his failures: acrimony between the elven factions and the mysterious behavior of his son, his future successor.

All the glory and tragedy of the Qualinesti are evoked in the third volume of The Elven Nations Trilogy, by Paul B. Thompson and Tonya R. Carter, authors of three acclaimed DRAGONLANCE® novels.

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