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Warriors Series

The Warriors series details the exploits of the heroes and villians of the War of the Lance.

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Warriors, Volume 6--- page 310,311
Black NotesBlack Notes

Song of the Banshees


And in the climate of dreams
when you recall her, when the world of the dream
expands, wavers in light,
when you stand at the edge of blessedness and sun,

Then we shall make you remember, shall make you live again
through the long denial of body.

For you were first dark in the light's hollow,
expanding like a stain, a cancer

For you were the shark in the slowed water beginning to move

For you were the notched head of a snake,
sensing forever warmth and form

For you were inexplicable death in the crib,
the long house in betrayal.

And you were more terrible than this
in a loud alley of visions,
for you passed through unharmed, unchanging,

As the women screamed, unraveling silence, halving the door of the world,
bringing forth monsters

As a child opened in parabolas of fire There at the borders
of two lands burning

As the world split, wanting to swallow you back willing to give up everything
to lose you in darkness

You passed through these unharmed, unchanging
but now you see them
strung on our words of your own conceiving
as you pass from night to awareness of night
to know that hatred is the calm of philosophers,
that its price is forever,
that it draws your through meteors,
through winter's transfixion
through the blasted rose
through the shark's water
through the black compassion of oceans
through rock - through magma
to yourself - to an abscess of nothing
that you will recognize as nothing,
that you will know is coming again and again
under the same rules.


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