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War of Souls Trilogy

Change - for good or ill - comes to the world of Krynn. A violent magical storm sweeps over Ansalon, bringing flood and fire, death and destruction. Out of the tumult rises a strange, mystically young woman. Her destiny is bound up with that of Krynn. For she alone knows the truth about the future, a future strangely and inextricably tied to the terrifying mystery in Krynn's past.

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War of Souls Volume 1 --- page 126
War of Souls Volume 1 --- page prelude, 470, 561; War of Souls Volume 2 --- page 163, 335
War of Souls Volume 1 --- page 108
War of Souls Volume 1 --- page 221, 227
War of Souls Volume 2 --- page 382
Black Music NotesBlack Music Notes

Goldmoon's Song

The grasslands are endless,
And summer sings on,
And Goldmoon the princess
Loves a poor man''s son.

Her father the chieftain
Makes long roads between them;
The grasslands are endless, and summer sings on.

The grasslands are waving,
The sky's rim is gray,
The chieftain sends Riverwind
East and away,

To search for strong magic
At the lip of the morning,
The grasslands are waving, the sky's rim is gray.

0 Riverwind, where have you gone?
0 Riverwind, autumn comes on.
I sit by the river
And look to the sunrise,
But the sun rises over the mountains alone.



The grasslands are fading,
The summer wind dies,
He comes back, the darkness
Of stones in his eyes.

He carries a blue staff
As bright as a glacier;
The grasslands are fading, the summer wind dies.

The grasslands are fragile,
As yellow as f1ame ,
The chieftain makes mockery
Of Riverwind's claim.

He orders the people
To stone the young warrior:
The grasslands are fragile, as yellow as flame.

The grassland has faded,
And autumn is here.
The girl joins her lover,
The stones whistle near,

The staff flares in blue light
And both of them vanish;
The grasslands are faded, and autumn is here.


Mina's Song of Death


The day has passed beyond our power.
The petals close upon the flower.
The light is failing in this hour.
Of day's last waning breath.

The blackness of the night surrounds
The distant souls of stars now found,
Far from this world to which we're bound,
Of sorrow, fear and death.

Sleep, love; forever sleep.
Your soul the night will keep.
Embrace the darkness deep.
Sleep, love; forever sleep.

The gathering darkness takes our souls,
Embracing us in chilling folds,
Deep in a Mistress's void that holds
Our fate within her hands.

Dream, warriors, of the dark above
And feel the sweet redemption of
The Night's Consort, and of her love
For those within her bands.



Sleep, love; forever sleep.
Your soul the night will keep.
Embrace the darkness deep.
Sleep, love; forever sleep.

We close our eyes, our minds at rest,
Submit our wills to her behest,
Our weaknesses to her confessed,
And to her will we bend.

The strength of silence fills the sky,
Its depth beyond both you and I.
Into its arms our souls will fly,
Where fear and sorrows end.

Sleep, love; forever sleep.
Your soul the night will keep.
Embrace the darkness deep.
Sleep, love, forever sleep.


Mina's Battle Song

Glory calls us
With trumpet's tongue,
calls us do great deeds
on the field of valor,
calls us to give our blood

to the flame,
to the ground,
the thirsty ground,
the holy fire.


Song of Lorac


The Age of Might it was,
the Age of the Kingpriest and
his minions.
Jealous of the wizards, the Kingpriest
said, "You will hand over your high Towers
to me and you will fear me and obey me."
The wizards gave over their High Towers, the last
the Tower of Palanthas.

Comes to the Tower Lorac Caladon, King of the
to take his Test in magic before the closing of the
In his Test, one of the dragon orbs,
fearful of falling into the hands
of the Kingpriest and his minions,
speaks to Lorac.
"You must not leave me here in Istar.
If you do, I will be lost and the world will perish."
Lorac obeys the voice of the dragon orb,
hides the orb away.
carries it with him from the Tower,
carries the orb back to Silvanesti,
holds the orb in secret, hugging his secret to him,
never telling anyone.

Comes the Cataclysm, Comes Takhisis, Queen of
with her dragons, mighty and powerful.
Comes war. War to Silvanesti.
Lorac summons all his people, orders them to flee
their homelands
Orders them away.
Says to them,
"I alone will be the savior of the people."
"I alone will stop the Queen of Darkness."



Away the people.
Away the loved daughter, Alhana Starbreeze.
Alone, Lorac hears the voice of the dragon orb,
calling his name, calling to him to come to the
Lorac heeds the call.
Descends into darkness.
Puts his hands upon the dragon orb and
the dragon orb puts its hands upon Lorac.
Comes the dream.
Comes the dream to Silvanesti,
dream of horror,
dream of fear,
dream of trees that bleed the blood of elvenkind,
dream of tears forming rivers,
dream of death.

Comes a dragon,
Cyan Bloodbane,
minion of Takhisis,
to hiss into Lorac's ear the terrors of the dream.
To hiss the words, "I alone have the power to save the
I alone." To mock the words, "I alone have the power
to save."
The dream enters the land,
kills the land,
twists the trees, trees that bleed,
fills the rivers with tears of the people,
the tears of Lorac,
held in thrall by the orb and by Cyan Bloodbane,
minion of Queen Takhisis,
minion of evil,
who alone has the power.



In bygone times and warmer climes
You Marionettes played.
Now restless, silent in a box,
Your scattered limbs are splayed.
Come feel the tug of dancing strings.
Your dust responds on shivering wings.
The Master Puppeteer now sings!
Rise up from where you've laid.

The Master calls you from the dark.
Your bones respond in haste.
Come act the part of living souls.
Their glory once more taste.
Connect again with warmer days,
And hearken to your former ways.



Out of that darkness you will raise
Up from your place of waste!
Now dance, you spirits gone before
The surging blood of old.
You sundered souls from times of yore
Play at a life once bold!

The Master heaves on strings of woe.
Torn from the dark your bones must go
To act once more that all may know
The Master's tale is told!

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