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Heroes Trilogy

Throughout the history of Ansalon, there have been brave-hearted champions of good who have fought against the forces of darkness. Their stories, which span from earliest times all the way to The War of the Lance, are retold here.

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Heroes Volume 2 --- page 14
Heroes Volume 2 --- page 347
Heroes Volume 3 --- page 7, 147, 283
Heroes Volume 3 --- page 200, 290
Black NotesBlack Notes

Thorbardin Poem

Mountain dwarves know. These things a high king make:
A Kingsword heart - touched by Reorx the Father.
A soul - formed to wisdom in the crucible of strife.
The hammer which legendary Kharas keeps in the mists.


Tyorl's Song

The river wide flows through the forest.
Sunlight glistening at will,
Daystars around the edge
Of an image of Autumn.

Jeweled with woven patterns of ice,
Bare trees take on new beauty
Under a cold Winter's twilight.
Diamonds? Mere glass on a night such as this.

Alive with whispered promises,
New life is hidden in old thickets.
And young stir in their nests,
Turning a soft eye to Spring.


Rising with the dew burning from the leaves,
Walking through the heat of the midday sun,
A breeze dances through the glade
On a hot Summer's night.

Seasons of beauty,
A quiet land of peace
Under seclusion of the trees.
Find the beauty at your feet.


The Calantina IX:IX, III:VIII, II:IX

The Sign of the Weasel is tunnel on tunnel,
enchantment on enchantment.
He digs beneath himself, and in digging
discovers all roads into nothing.
Burrow the dark until darkness unravels,
in dark the philosophers dance.

Three on eight, light upon flood,
Sign of the Centaur in a lost season.
Generations of light that the flood has covered,



The old water singing of reverence.
And here on continuous banks of rivers,
The light is moving, is lost, is moving.

Nine after two the Sign of the Owl,
the old watcher, facing all ways,
Sailor in the perplexing night,
where countries burn and vanish, never were,
Seeing ahead of him, seeing behind him
where the possible ranges in firelight.


Book of Vinas Solamnus di Caela Prophecy

For generations down, the curse
Arises in di Caela's hall
And things descend from bad to worse,
Until a girl succeeds to all.
When things have reached their darkest pass
The Bright Blade joins unto the bride,
And generations from the grass
Arise and lay the curse aside.


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