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Chaos War

The Chaos War series explores more deeply the adventures of the races of Krynn during Dragons of Summer Flame.

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Chaos War Volume 2 --- page 26, 68, 116
Chaos War Volume 5 --- page 44
Chaos War Volume 6 --- page 140
Chaos War Volume 6 --- page 174, 303
Black NotesBlack Notes

From the Early Chronicles of Chisel Loremaster

Amid eggs of gold and bronze, of silver, brass, and copper, there was an orb of purest platinum, a spherical treasure blessed by Paladine himself.

Then the Graygem came to the Grotto as it came to the rest of Krynn, as a harbringer of Chaos that reached into the substance of the world, and planted its wild seed. And the platinum egg was changed by the essence of Chaos, and changed it would remain.

While the other eggs hatched, and the dragons were born, the egg of platinum had been changed, altered by the chaotic force of the Graygem. And so it remained in the nest and so it would stay, until a true ruler of the dwarves would raise it, and release the power from within.


The Graygem's power of Chaos is caught within the Platinum Egg and
such power shall be unleashed when the egg is raised by the
true ruler of the dwarves.


At first the young serpents emerged from the Grotto hesitantly, two or
three at a time. They would perch at the edge of the precipice and stare
into the eternal blackness over the distant sea, wings buzzing with an
audible hum. And it was a vast space before them, for we were near
the "summit" of the great, inverted mountain. The water was a long
way down. Also, the mouth of the cavern faced in the precise
direction where the cavern wall lay at its farthest extent from the pillar.



Ancient Minotaur Litany

We have been enslaved but have always thrown off our shackles.
We have been driven back, but always returned to the fray stronger than before.
We have risen to new heights when all other races have fallen into decay.
We are the future of Krynn, the fated masters of the entire world.
We are the children of destiny.


Hymn to Mount Nevermind


Hail to Mount Nevermind, beautiful mountain,
Storehouse to wonderful things past accountin'
Long may you stand, neither crumbled nor rotten
(There was another verse here we've forgotten)
But nevermind, Nevermind
Where the passage of days is both noble and kind!


The Thinking Song

If thought is the mother
of all good action,
Then what is the child
of plain distraction?
Think! Pay attention!
Let your mind change!


Make everyday things
complicated and strange!
There are fish to be fried,
but first to be caught:
So spread wide the nets
and get tangled in thought!

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