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Bertrem's Guides

Bertrem of the Order of Aesthetics, has sent out scribes into the world to gather information of everyday life in Ansalon during the Fifth Age and the War of Souls. Here are collections of those notes to help learn more about the common people of Krynn.

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Black NotesBlack Notes

Sonnet to the Sun

In autumn raiment stood he to the sky,
His face a-gleam, his flowing golden curls
Like molten sunlight poured for trembling girls
To break their hearts and make them long to die.
Look once my way, and grace me with your eye
Gilthas Solostaran! Speaker! King!
Your very name has set my soul to sing.

Or if my voice should fail me, then to sigh
My simple words, to set your name on high
In no less beauty than a clutch of pearls
Or starlight caught upon the harper's string,
Or if the words should fail me, then to cry.
Arrayed in white, the grieving lover hurls
Her body at your feet, to kiss, and cling.

I Tipped Love's Bolt

I tipped Love's bolt with kisses
And nocked it to my heart's string,
Pulled full taut my soul's green bow,
And gave my gentle thorn wing.

But gusts of Chance were veering.
Grim Fate and a lowly birth
Had already shorn my hopes
Before the arrow kissed the earth.


To A Forgotten Love


Lines written to an imagined lover stolen away by shadow wights.

Marry me, thou sweet somber flower
Tarry thee here another hour
and more
Daringly I sing your beauty, yet
Verily, thy lights are deeper set
than a door.
Why how long thy nails have grown of late.
How I long to be thy wanton mate,
thy whore.



Why do you not touch me as I would
Try to do, if trembling fingers could
You grin, I see, your thin lips stretched,
And then I flee your visage wretched
with gore.
Nine years now have you been dead
Mine fears fill me with dread
of war.


Full Nine Summers

Full nine summers hath surpassed
Since supposed treason stained a noble throne
While wondered I all aghast
Had treason stained a name where there was none?

Had some grievous madness come
To fool the wise with folly wrapped in verse
Wrought cold to seem like wisdom,
A bitter blight a blessing, a boon a curse?

Had noble Solostaran,
King, been cast to darkness, his soul still bright?
Has the star breeze child begun
His life turned from a home his own by right?



When I to my father turned
Cold truth in sadness sat upon his brow
With longing, yet his eyes burned
To see the truth turned up as with a plow

Could I but push my shoulder
Into the jingling traces and the hame,
And with a stouter heart, and bolder,
Set my steps to harrow out our shame.


Thick Night


Thick night moves upon the hills
Wolves cry meetings in the wood
Frogs still at any movement
In the endless unmoving night.
Heaven's orbs cross a darkened sky
To announce the day.

Swans split Dawn's autumn canvas
Gray wings mute the wind's sound
And tug my soul to rise and fly
An arrow's course into the clouds
To course an ancient remembered path
To the winter nesting ground.


Heroes and Children

The sky bent orange trees, leaves
Everywhere like locusts, buzzing
Dipped, rose, twisted, spiraled in happy
The people walked along, unnoticed,
Down the milling road to gather
Acorns, talk
Scratch, stand, and worry together.
Children hide, dart, giggle and shush
And only the strong become



But now sunset and dinner's smells
Bring dead emptiness
To the fall dusk. People
Sit about tables, fires, ashes
To stop
The whole city wraps
In brown and green and sable night
To sleep, or not, find comfort
In the body dying close
Or not.


Winter Song

Come Winter, sing of snow to mute the cries
Of Summer Flame so horror filled.
Come covering mantle white to blind our eyes
To blood of elves and dragons spilled.

So sang I while wandering lonely places:
Forget, alas, forget and weep
For loss, and loved ones lost. Their faces
Linger at the gray edge of sleep.

But clinging to Hope's grinding ledge
Has honed my grief unto a bitter edge.

Now sing I songs more keen than swords
To set round me impenetrable wards.

Come hoarfrost's bitter sting into our woe,
Mind us of what went before.
Not unto a blind complacency we go
Again, like lemmings to the shore.


Sonnet to the Mage

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Through leafy bower sought I Nature's breast
With weariness of war and all I'd seen
To throw me down among the fronds and rest.

I came upon a chapel fair and green
With somber acolytes in gray bark dressed
Like monks, who did upon each other lean

To serve as roof and spire and leafy crest,
And with their spreading branches form the beams
From which depended bats with eyes of red.

  Deep by the largest bole I spied a mage
Come here to rest and heal, or so I thought.
But sooner learned I that his soul had fled.

I found his wisdom wise as any sage.
His mouth spoke only flies. We never fought


No Heart Was Ever Pierced

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No heart was ever pierced
By any Love so deep
Than by this hungry spear's
Keen prick.

No sweet child's sleep
Was ever sweeter than this sleep
Upon the stone,

No kind
Words expressed in word or thought
So fair



As 'coming home.'
No silver net for maiden's hair
Was wrought

Weaker than this
Mind, broken by what bitter war
Hath brought.



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"Gas!" she cried.
"Beware! Green dragon's breath!"
And shoving me aside
She drank her bosom's fill of death.

"Lucky for you!" they said
But then
You should have seen the cart
They flung her in.
If you'd beheld her beating heart

  And heard her breath boiling in her lungs,
Atop a pile of fellows once so fair:
A dozen others bleeding out their bungs-
Though dead, their humors sought the air.

And know that her last tortured thought
Was turned to mouth frail words, and plead
In voiceless utterance a message wrought
Meaningless by the madness of her need.



Upon her hand, her hand, her hand,
Upon her hand I placed my ring.
My ring, my ring, my ring
Upon her hand I placed my ring.

Upon my lips, my lips, my lips,
Upon my lips she set her pledge.
Her pledge, her pledge, her pledge
Upon my lips she set her pledge.

  Upon my heart, my heart, my heart,
Upon my heart he laid his hand.
His hand, his hand, his hand
Upon my heart he pressed his hand.

Upon my soul, my soul, my soul,
Upon my soul she breathed her last.
Her last, her last, her last
Upon my soul she breathed her last.

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